Hikes and Walks

A woodland pasture in the inner Bluegrass

I organize day hikes and lead urban walking tours in Lexington and its vicinity.

Hikes generally take place within an hourís drive of Lexington in nature preserves or other public areas. I am particularly interested in the original flora of the Bluegrass region, i.e. the native flora that existed here when European settlers first arrived.

Urban Walking Tours can focus on residential front yards, commercial landscaping, parks or public greenspaces. The goal is to discuss the aesthetic qualities and environmental assets that these sites bring to neighborhoods and to the city. Such tours can also draw attention to trees and the value they add to our built up spaces.

I offer urban walking tours upon the request of a neighborhood organizations or other groups. They are best conducted along a neighborhood street, in a park or other public ground, or possibly on a church property (with permission).

To be notified of planned hikes, please contact me.

To arrange a guided walk in your neighborhood or in a public place, please contact me.